Friday, September 30, 2016


MERIAM DEFENSOR SAINTIAGO - A strong Filipino Politician and tagged as ASIA'S IRON LADY was pronounced dead yesterday. According to reports, she was confined at ST. Lukes Medical Center.

"She died peacefully in her sleep this morning," Mr. Santiago said.

She died of her lung cancer which she claimed as cured during her presidential campaign. She died at the age of 71. The remains is in Immaculate Conception Cubao.
"She died peacefully in her sleep this morni
"She died peacefully in her sleep this morning,"
"She died peacefully in her sleep this morning,"

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Philippines is making rounds over different news channels, radio stations, social media and even reached into the international headlines. But before hand, is there really a reality that the Philippines got even more problematic? others claimed Yes and some No. They said the there is an injustice and extra judicial killings taken by the police officers and vigilantes. What is really the truth behind the president's statement "KILL THEM AND I WILL GIVE YOU A MEDAL". A statement the appeared in almost all of the news channels. but the question is, is it really the full version of the statement?

During election period, President Duterte was then one of the candidates. one of his promises is to stop the drug problem in the Philippines. He warned that it will be bloody for he will clean the country from it in 3-6 months. In the first few months, thousands surrendered, hundreds killed, many are named as drug personality which includes public officials, politicians and prominent personnel, and billions of illegal drugs substance has been confiscated. A step of achievement that never been done by the previous administrations and a thought that never came out in our minds that can ever be achieved. The streets are safer now. but there are critics: they who are in favor and those who are against.

they who are against:
They claimed that the law enforcement officer did not follow the right arrest procedures. Some said that all of the evidences were planted evidences. They said that even those persons who surrendered to the authorities. They said that a group of vigilante is tasked to kill and carry the law in their on hands. Some claimed that the victim (killed) is not even in the drug business. Others are just angry for losing a relative. They said that the killings in the name of Good Will to save the Philippines from drugs is against the humanity and inhuman.

they who are in favor:
They feel safer. The illegal drugs industry if not totally eliminated is at least minimized. Those who used illegal drugs are now fixing their lives (if not, they are risking their lives. Are they willing to choose the illegal substance? or their life).

Now the President's statement that triggered the authorities to do their job "KILL THEM AND WILL GIVE YOU A MEDAL" is just a script taken from it original speech. the President said "GO ARREST THEM. IF THEY RESIST AND PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER, KILL THEM." Many were killed, Those who surrendered and went back in illegal drug business. Those runners, vendors, distributors who surrendered and killed by their Boss because of being afraid to be named. Drug user who doesn't want to quit are arrested and others are killed in encounters. 

As a final say to this, IF THEY QUIT FROM THE BUSINESS, THEY ARE SAFE(that is just my say). Why don't they start a new life and put their selves in peace and make Philippines a better place to live? Both the killings and illegal drugs business is a crime but we left the government with no choice. The best thing is, they must stop the illegal businesses and live a life with peace.

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