Thursday, July 5, 2012

WINDOWS 7: Installation

This tutorial will guide you the steps for windows 7 installation. this guide serves as a reference for those who attended the PCPS 4 training who also lost their soft copy for this.

PCPS4 (Personal Computer for Public Schools) is a project DIT-DEPED Project with the cooperation of VSP Philippines and B&J Computers Bohol Philippines. 

The first step is to place your Windows 7 DVD into the DVD tray and boot the machine.Your computer needs to be configured to boot from DVD (use the arrow keys to navigate from each options). This is done via BIOS. On most computers, the BIOS menu can be accessed by pressing either the F2 or Del keys while the machine is booting depending in the motherboard used on your system. press F10 and select yes to save the changes. your computer system will reboot after saving.

If you have completed the first step successfully, after the reboot, the screen that looks like below will appear. if it does, then you are doing well so far.

Wait for few moment. then next is to mingle with the screen that looks exactly like below, choose a language and keyboard format. for what reason? we definitely have number of keyboard formats we need to be specific for this..

After the step above, you will be now taken to the Install now menu. We are done preparing for the installation, so the next thing is to proceed with the process the pressing the Install Now button.

The next step is to accept the license agreement..

Select partition. for what is the partition? what partition you should choose. commonly or most of the times, it is drive C:  (if you don't have yet a partition, Click on the NEW button to create new partition.) and click Next. Windows 7 will be installed to this partition. Depending on your hardware, this can take approximately 15-30 minutes.

During the installation, it is normal that your computer will be restarted by the system several times. 

Next is to provide your username and password. this is recommended for the computer system's security. by default, you are the administrator. you must provide for a strong password. how to provide a strong password? what is the basis of being strong? for that, your password must contain both letters of the alphabet and numeric character. ex: 04k21n89e


The next step is to provide the cdkey/product key? this is a key usually attached during the purchase of the Operating System. the installation process will not proceed unless you have provided the product key.

Then afterwards you will be asked to choose some settings. for this time, a recommend you to choose "ASK ME LATER". you can configure this one later if windows is running properly.

Configure your timezone: for places like philippines, select GMT + 8.

Your location will determine the firewall settings for your newly installed Windows 7.You have three choices: home, work or public network. Home and work networks are supposed to be trusted, so you should not experience any problems adding other machines to your group or sharing data with them.

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