Wednesday, May 16, 2012


If you know how to locate a file from a location and if you know the concept of drag and drop, doing this this is just a piece of cake from you. Just like you are walking in the park, eating a piece of cake, no sweat!!! .
To get this started, follow the following steps.
  1. Open your sony vegas application.
  2. Click on the explorer tab located at the bottom left of your window

  1. If you are done locating your video, you can add into the track. 

    What is the track? The track is the area where you can put your raw materials that can be used for video editing. 

    You drag the video into the track for you to use it. If you decide to replace the video, you can delete it any time by selecting the video clip and press delete from your keyboard. If you have added a video, you track must contain contents like this.

Your clip is divided into two, video track and audio track. At the same time, your audio track is divided into two channels. LR channels. the volume control in the track is applicable only inside the track. While master volume adjusts the volume in general .
Note: you can drag the clip/video clip anytime to find a new location. Small window located on the lower right corner of your window.
To add another window, just repeat the steps given above and position the video clip depending on your desired sequence.

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