Friday, May 18, 2012


Chroma keying is the art of removing the original background. In order to do chroma keying, you must have a video recorded with a green background with correct lighting effects. Why green? Nothing in our skin is green except if we wear some green stuffs. And the main reason is, green absorbs shadow better than any other color. A green blended with a black shadow is dark green. A red blended with black is close to maroon and take note our skin is having a shade of red.

the video used in this example is from you tube. here is the link for the video:
How to to do it?
  1. Open sony vegas and load the video with a green background. 

  1. Next, click on the fx button at the end of the clip or click on the effects tab (it is located below inclined with explorer and the transitions tab) . here is the image for more reference.

  1. On the effects/FX list. Select sony choroma keyer and click ok.

  1. Click on the color picker

  2. Look at the preview window, find the darkest shade of green and click it with the color picker. (this will pick the color and make the back ground as transparent. It appears black at the start because we still don’t have a new back ground).

  1. You can adjust the thresholds and blur amount to make the video look better.

  2. Click the close the button if your done.

  3. Open an image/video as a new background. Out it on a track below the green screen video.

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