Monday, March 5, 2012

Hair Color Tweaks using Brush Tool and Layers's Softlight FX

Hi Fellas.. today we will be making another tutorial in photoshop. This tutorial is all about image tweaks. we will change the hair color of our object. There are plenty of ways on how to do this but this is just another way that i like much.

First, get an image or search for an image from google. select the best that you want.(warning, pls don't claiom the image as yours right after you have downloaded it. it maybe protected by copyright law.)

and this would be our output.

to get started with this, open you file with photoshop application. on the layers pane, click on new layer button to create a new layer or just press ctrl + shift + n.  and change the color type into softlight. see the figure below. 

then, select brush tool from the toolbox and select the brushes with a smooth edge for you not to see the solid edge of the brush. see the image below to select the proper brush.

select the newly added layer and start brushing into the hair portion, you can adjust the size of the brush as needed as well as the opacity of the brush. for every difft color that you want to add pls. add a separate layer for it. you may cause damage for other layer.see the figure below on how to do it.

for every part that messed up. you can us the eraser tool to erase it. keep doing the routine and see that something has changed in the image.

thank you for reading and have a nice day ahead fellas. god bless you.

best regards, KHIENO

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