Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What is shown below is an image of my auntie's favorite jogging area. she found it nice that is why I am posting it here for you to judge if being nice about the place is true.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blurring (making our focus)

Blurring is an art in photography in which the  photographer intentionally makes the background of the image blurred to make the busy background not notable enough. this is also used to make the target image the focus of the viewer's eye.

look at the image below.(this image is from google. pls don't alter this image, as a show of respect to the original authur of the image.)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a software developed by Sony company. this software is used to edit videos, can also carry audio editing but not all the features of an audio editor. A video editor that has built-in good transition effects, professional video effects. I have been using sony vegas for several years to accommodate my clients in the field of multimedia.

Arts and Concept of a Good Photography

Photography is not just merely an act of taking picture, images. yes indeed it is, but you need to learn first the art about it. questioning in our mind, why does other people get a good photograph? is really camera matters? is their a standard in taking pictures? why is it that the background of the image is blurred?

Accoustica Audio Mixer

Accoustica audio mixer is an special software used to edit audio in frequency view. this allows you to cut portion of the video and insert something different. you can also add effects to audio tracks by putting another music by placing it in the separate track.

Tutorial on accoustica audio mixer will come soon.

Wallpaper (Combination of Plastic Wrap, Difference Clouds, Motion Blurs, Some Glows and Color Tweaks)

This wallpaper is made up of my own picture. This is the output of my experimentation with photoshop last nyt (quietly board alone in my room), I cannot name this effect yet(heheh.. lol) but it is all just plastic wrap, difference clouds and having some motion blurs, and few color tweaks.

I can give you the psd format of the file if you want to use this as a reference.

thank you for viewing this image and God bless ya all.


Hair Color Tweaks using Brush Tool and Layers's Softlight FX

Hi Fellas.. today we will be making another tutorial in photoshop. This tutorial is all about image tweaks. we will change the hair color of our object. There are plenty of ways on how to do this but this is just another way that i like much.

First, get an image or search for an image from google. select the best that you want.(warning, pls don't claiom the image as yours right after you have downloaded it. it maybe protected by copyright law.)