Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Your Own Photoshop Brushes

This tutorial helps you make  your own photoshop burushes. Lot of ways on how to make a brush, this is just the other way around. this are my sample brushes.(the images that are used in this image is down loaded from google. (pls don't alter any changes of the image as a credit to the original artist.). the image below comprises of my own brushes coming from my own image and brushes made from the image over the net.

If you are trying to make a brush for your own or for commercial use, this is the best place for you.

First that you must do is to have an image. The image that we are going to use as a brush. or you can use your own picture if you feel so or else a textual brush,(your name will do). if you are going to use an image, choose the best image that you want to use as a brush. but it is very best to try tribal images first.

get the image below from google.

Next is to open your image with your photoshop application,(file>open>(imagelocation)).
then go to image menu>adjustments>curves. adjust the curves as what i have shown below. note, the adjustment of the image differ from each quality. for tribal images they are already black and white so their are not mush things to to. our point of having adjustment on curves is to make the image darker to look. make the black a totally black and make other white portion of this image appears darker than they are originally made.

you can make the adjustment of the image depending on what you are targeting you brush to look after they were made.

Next is to create a new canvas, click on file>new> and the dimension is 2500x2500 resolution 300 and color mode is grayscale. see the image below for additional reference.

copy your image and paste it into the new canvas, i am pretty sure that you have seen your small smaller than they it is in the other canvas, resize your image and make it fit into the whole canvas. why 2500x2500? 2500 px is the maximum size of your brush if you are using cs3.if you are using another version, sorry to tell you that i don't know the maximum size, but cs4 & cs5 is a higher version so expect them to have a resolution higher that 2500px.

after copying your image you can do some adjustments if you want, you can do some manipulation if it is very much needed(but if the image is copy written and you try to make it as a commercial brush, pls take care of the copy write issues.)

after this is to make your image a brush. click on edit menu>define brush preset. provide a name for you brush. see the sequence of image below.

you can now test your brush by clicking the brush tool from the tool box. much better if you will select black as a foreground color for testing for you to see if the image and the brush that you made out from it looks similar.

after the testing process, you may now save your brush. go to edit menu then click preset manager. save the preset from save button. type a file name and click done.

I guess I'm done. thank you for reading and have a nice day ahead. may god bless you.


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