Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Removing Pimples with the aid of Patch Tool

all we are going to do now is to remove pimples from the skin/face of the model. this is just an easy going tutorial. you just have to know the use of "pacth tool and clone stamp". this is how we are going to do it.

this is the preview of the finished product

first. have the image as shown below of have your own image.

then next step is to open photoshop application and open the downloaded image. 

then click on the patch tool. if you don't know where to locate it, it is just with the spot healing brush tool, right click on it and select patch tool. or just simply press shift + j until patch tool id obtained. look at the image shown below.

all you need to do now is to make a selection using patch tool (left click near on the affected area, hold the left mouse button and select the area where pimple is located.)

drag the selection into the clean area.(the clean area is the area that serves as the reference of the new surface.) the image below shows the movement during the dragging.

just follow same routine until you have successfully removed all the pimples.

this is your finish product after doing it wise.

then the last part that we are going to do is to duplicate the layer. just select the image then press CTRL+J. you must have to layers of the image. try to see the image below.

now select the "Layer 1" (the newly created layer, a copy of the background layer.) after go to filter menu and click "gaussian blur" see the image below.

in the gaussian blur wizzard adjust it 10 ten. se the below image:

click ok after the adjustment.
after this one, go to the layers pane and click on the blured layer then adjust the opacity to 30. see at the image below for more reference.

i guess we are done. and this is the resulting image: take a sharp look for it.

pls. bear with the image. those white spots are those are cause by the lights during the image was taken. 

piece of advice. don't drag your selection at the edge of the image. it may result damage into the area.

thank you for viewing. you can add comments if you feel good doing so.


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