Friday, January 27, 2012

PhotoshopTool Box (Part1)

This is a special category posted in this blog. This is intended for the new learners who wants to mingle with  photoshop. I prefer to break down this tutorial in several pages to help ease about connection problems. (the more content the page has, the more heavy it loads.).

If we are going to use Photoshop, we must be more familiar with its tools inside the tool box.We must understand how useful it is. and of course we must know what is the specific use of the tools.

The tools inside the box were grouped according to it functions or uses. Just like every other tool, ex driving a flat screw using a star screw driver will do nothing except mess. 

Here is our photoshop tool box:(click on the image to see a larger view).

(overview about the tools were placed in separate posts.)

best regards, khieno

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