Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photoshop Radio Wave/Freaquency FX

this tutorial is made for those who want to make a radio frequency or wave effect. this is just quite short tutorial and easy to follow steps. please read and enjoy.

the output of the image is just like below:

sorry for the small image, but let us just try to get along with this.

tools to be used. marquee tool, paint bucket tool, filter fx, and move tool. and of course you must know how to duplicate layer.

step 1. create a new canvas with a size of 1024 x 400. the measurement is by pixels. the background color is black. it must look like below:

it is just nothing but a new black canvas.

step 2. click on the "rectangular marquee tool". then make a small vertical selection. see the image below.

after making a selection using rectangular marquee tool, fill it with white color or you may use your own color. a color that is very visible to black (light colors is what i mean to say.) using "Paint Bucket Tool".
(to use the paint bucket tool, click on it from the tool box, it is after the eraser tool. to select color, just pick a color from the colors palette for foreground color, then click the paint bucket tool on the selection.) the output must be similar to the image below:

the next thing to do is to click on the filter menu> stylize>wind. see the image for further reference:

on the wind effect wizard, follow the adjustments given below:

see if your image looks likes this:

try to see, the image has several blast lines, the next thing to do is to rotate the image horizontally. (press CTRL + T. then find the appropriate handle to rotate image horizontal position). try to see below:

next is to resize the blast, we need to stretch the blast until at the end of the canvas.

and now, we need to resize our object. we need to make the blasts/waves bigger. press CTRL+T to transform the object and resize it. it should look like the image below:

now, we need to make the large white bar into thin. you have to click now your rectangular marquee tool and select the major portion of the white bar and press delete key from your keyboard. the image result must look like the image below:

we are now half way closer. (hehehe. just kidding. ). the next thing to do is to duplicate the blast/waves layer. you layers pane must look like this:

select the copy of the layer. go to the actual image in the canvas and then press CTRL+T , right click on the transform control then click "flip vertical". refer the following image:

after that, you must have a similar image as follows:

and the last step is to drag the flipped image down. join both  of the white bars. and have this as an output:

you can also add gradient at the bars/blasts/waves or whatsoever the name for this. but me i call this as radio waves.

good luck and have a nice day ahead:::


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