Friday, January 27, 2012

Image Tweaks Using Hue and Saturation and Soft light

We are going to do some tweaks for the image that follows below.(i got this image from google. she is a Filipina celebrity, "Anne Curtis Smith") .This tutorial is just a short one. It is just very simple and very popular FX / image tweaks in photoshop. The image below is the output:

But before hand you must grab your own resources to use first.(you can also use this image below if you want to do so). and now if you have the resources already, You can now open your photoshop application and open the image that you will be using for this tutorial.

After you have opened your the image in photoshop application, go to "HUE and SATURATION". if you forgot where to find it, kindly follow this steps: "go to IMAGE menu> ADJUSTMENTS>HUE and SATURATION". or just directly press CTRL+U from you keyboard. after that the hue and saturation window will appear, follow the adjustments that I have encircled at the image below.

After doing this, you must arrive to an image that looks like this:

We are not done yet, please duplicate this image: the duplicate of this image will serve as the image that will be adjusted to soft light to add some color and look to the original image: your layers pane must look like below:

And now, select the copy of the image. We will set the "normal" type of the layer into "soft light" to add some look to the image. if you find difficult to find  "normal", see the image below.

After doing the adjustment, you are done and this is the final image:

if you want to add some additional tweak. you are free to do it. but for me, I like how she looks like in the result. :) 

hope you are having fun, God Bless You and have a nice day.


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