Thursday, January 26, 2012

Image Tweaks, Making a Romantic Sepia FX.

this is image tweaks lets you make another effect from a photo. the things you need here are images or image from google.
this is the look of the image if were done.

here is the image, you can use this one or you may have another image you want.

after getting the image, this is the first step that you need to do.(of course you need to open photoshop application first.)

open the image from your photoshop application, (file>open> select the image and click open )
the you need to adjust the hue and saturation of the image, in this case press CTRL+U from you keyboard, or go to image menu>adjustments>hue and saturation. follow the adjustments below:

after doing the adjustments your image must look like this:

next is to do some lightning effects. go to filter>render>lighting effect or see the image below for more reference:

on the wizzard follow the following settings as shown in the image:

style:       :Default
light type: Omni
intensity: : 25
and follow the positioning and size of the light as what you have seen in the image below.(the circular one)

the your image must look like this, or similar to this:

then the next thing that we are going to do is to duplicate this layer. to duplicate the layer, just simply click to the image layer, then press CTRL+J from your keyboard. your layers. pane must look like this:

you need to adjust the layer type. we will make it from normal to "soft light". to do it, click on the combo box that can be found at the left side of the opacity label.  see the image below:

and here is you image:

the final step is to click on the background layer. click on the blur tool from your tool box and blur the parts of the image except the two lovers setting on the sand.

I guess were done. thank you for reading. please a leave comment if you feel to do so. god bless :-)


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