Friday, January 27, 2012

HOT looking and Fire like 3D Text

hi again ladies and gentlemen. we are doing today a quit long tutorial. this is the other way on how to make a 3D text effect that looks like a fire.

see the output:

grab a computer and open photoshop application, create anew canvas (600x300 px). click on the type tool from the toolbox and and type your own and decided text(khieno that appears above or as the text in this tutorial is my pen name/nick name). see the image below for your reference:

I guess you have this text now the next step is to adjust the perspective of your image: simply hold the CTRL key and drag the mouse button and you must from a text like this.

now we will be going to a steps that makes this tutorial appear like just basic. indeed it is. duplicate the layer of the text (select the layer to be duplicated and press CTRL+J from your keyboard). the layers pane looks like this.

and now make the layer 1 or the original layer invisible and duplicate the copy layer (select the layer to be duplicated and press CTRL+J from your keyboard). your layers pane must have a set of layers like what is shown below:

now click on the move tool and drag the lower image downward. see below:

have a duplicate of the copy layer again and drag the layer's actual image at the middle of the images. it results an image like this:

now, look at you layers pane(the place where you can see the layers), select the existing layers except the invisible layer and the background layer (to select multiple layers, hold the CTRL key from the keyboard and click/select the layers that you want to be included for merging. ). see the following image for more reference.

after merging the layers, have a duplicate of the layers and arrange them until you image looks similar below.(in this tutorial I only made 8 copies of the merged layers). after making 8 copies of the layers arrange them. make sure that the layers were arranged in the way that it looks like a drop shadow.make them appear as one. after the arrangement, merged all the layers except the invisible layer and the background layer. the resulting layers from your layers pane looks like this.

now drag the original text layer (the layers is the layer that we made it invisible a while ago.) at the top of the merged layers and change  the font color into must arrive or atleast have a similar image below.

right click on the layer and then click blending options. refer to the image below for you to have more reference:

at the blending option window, click on the gradient over layer select the specified gradient that is shown in the image then click OK button. see the image below for some reference.

after this right click on the merged layers layer then select blending options.

after that, select the gradient overlay and select the gradient type as shown in the image below. 


after selecting the gradient type, click the area where the selected gradient being placed (the encircled portion of the image.) for us to see the gradient editor.

we will replace the blue color, we will replace it with black color. follow the steps below. (start from the left.)

the result is the image below:

it is up to you if you will stop at this portion, but for me to make the text more visible, i prefer to make it black.

to make the background color into black, click on the background color, click on the paint bucket tool, go to colors pallet, set the foreground color into black and click it on the image.

thank you for viewing. hope you get something good point today. God bless you and have a nice day.

best regards, khieno


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